Sydney Hobart Race Competitors Face Smoke Disasters


The 2020 edition of the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race has started and the competitors are facing a lot of distress calls already. The 628nm yacht race sponsored by Rolex in 2019 was comparatively milder than this year. The northerly delivery of the wind that is being seen alongside the east coast of Australia has forced three boats to issue distress calls in just half an hour on the very first day of the race that started on 5th January. Gun Runner which is a 30 foot yacht designed by Jarkan called out for help for the first time during the race as it got dismasted.

Five minutes passed by, Business, the yacht for Murray Secret 42 Men issued a distress call for reporting injuries for two of their crews on board. Sometime later, the crew for Ker 40 Showtime that is owned by Mark Griffith announced that the keel of their yacht had fallen. All the seven members of the crew had taken to a liferaft which was to be picked by the emergency services after almost three hours of the falling of the keel. The keel sunk away to the Bermagui coast which is about halfway between Melbourne and Sydney.

The crew faced more than 48 knots for winds as they started traveling towards the east coast. They have sailed across the Bass Strait earlier in conditions that can be described as post-apocalyptic which is caused by the bushfires. The strong winds broke the keel of the yacht Showtime that resulted in the full inverting of the boat. All the boats who returned from the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht race have faced the smoky conditions as they have made their path bypassing Victoria in the wake of bushfires that started on ‘New Year’s Eve’.