Special Needs Sailing Program For Youth

Boy Scout Ship 1935 is offering a program of sailing for special needs on weekends. The program will start in March and will end in May. The program is open to all the youth who special program on sailing. The program is designed for the youths of age between 13 to 21. However, it is not for those who have any type of disability. Moreover, the program does not need the experience of sailing for the youths.

With the program, those youth who will take the lesson will get an opportunity to participate in a tournament exclusively made for them. The participants will be able to take part in the event with friends, family members and supporting friends. The Boy Scout Ship will organize a short sailing voyage for them on the River Potomac. This event is free of cost to all the people who want to learn sailing. The event will take place at the Marina and Yacht club Quantico at 100 Potomac Ave.

The entire program for learning to sail has been made entirely with the grant received from this website.

Sea Scouts is the organization of 7,000-member that is part of the High Adventure arm of the Boy Scouts of America. The focus of the group remains on the development of citizenship, fitness and character in the environment of sailing for girls and boys of age 14 to 21. Character builds by Sea Scouting through high adventure. By becoming a Sea Scout, a youth can learn to row, to sail and keeping a boat in shape. The scouts also cruise in the local waters or go for sailing on long routes; they also learn how to dive. Moreover, they also master the skill of active camping, tours, social events, regattas, seamanship contests and excursions.