Sails Of Vendee Globe Fleet

It might be easy to ride the winds when the pressure is high, but areas of low pressure often put challenges for boats.

This was felt by the Vendee Globe fleet that was out there in the South Atlantic waters. The conditions represented low pressure on Saturday morning and it definitely puts up a test for the skippers there who had to regulate the speed as well as how to attack the race. The weather conditions included winds at 25 kts with water at flat levels. The race by Alex Thomson and his leading boat Hugo Boss was trying to maintain speed at 24 to 25 kts. This was along with the British skipper’s tries to stay ahead of the second boat. It definitely helped them in the early morning run.

Race Direction was being briefed by Vincent Rious of PRB who stated that the conditions of the waters proved ideal for the boats to sustain themselves at a record pace for 24 hours.

Le Cleach came in second and stated that the north easterly wind as well as decent water conditions allowed them to speed at 27 knots. This also helped them to clock up about 500 miles or more in a day. The three days that are coming up would probably hold the ideal conditions and allow them to cross the Atlantic as well.

The boats are monohull designs and would be targeted to reach as well as overcome the target that is set by Francois Gabart who made the last 24 hour record in 2012. For that the boats would need to reach an average speed around 23 knots to sail and cover 550 miles in a day. The Hugo Boss skipper has been at such speeds from the previous night to be able to set the pace for the forthcoming days.