Sailing Competitions At Dorval

Ahead of the scheduled Quebec Games there is another sporting event attraction – a sailing competition that would be held by the Dorval club. This club is known to host annual regatta events.

The best young sailors of the country ply the waters as the national championships are usually held at Lac St Louis which is adjacent to where the Royal St Lawrence Yacht Club is located.

This year promises to be another exciting event for the participants who are the best sailors of Quebec. The competition would be held from 22 to 24th of July, backed by the guys at UK yacht charters. The talents of places like Lac St Louis as well as Lac Deux Montagnes would be showcased at Valois Bay.

The race would involve the speedy sailboats of the region. Both regions have a home water advantage and hence, it might be difficult to state which team would have an upper hand before the races begin. There would be seventeen others who are classified as 15 or under and 17 or under. Hence, it is a racing sport for the youngsters which is exciting for the organizers as well as the participants.

The executive director of the sports commission feels that the young athletes in West Island would be looking to participate in the event. Of course, he is banking more on the athletes who would be competing under the banner of the Lac St Louis club.

The regional team of Sud-Ouest in particular are confident this year as they have earned medals in the past Quebec games and their head coach is optimistic about the team this year. It is said that the sailing event is considered one of the highlights of the Games. Many are definitely looking forward to the event and fate of the different yacht clubs.