Presentation of Caption of Cup of Gold SSL

The Sailors Star League (SSL) Cup of Gold was declared last November as an imaginative occasion on the worldwide scene of the sailing scene that will award the country which is best, much the same since the World cup members felicitate and awards the country which was best in performance.

At the 2018 year of Racing Yacht Forum, however, in the middle of the declaration and that date, there is much occurring in the number one spot up.

The determination procedure is going on from the very time since the month of November and Sailors star League has declared the initial 20 nations that are prepared to partake in the SSL Gold Cup.

The official introduction of the initial 20 chiefs will happen on April fifteenth at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. Mariners will’s identity part of their group will go with certain chiefs. Later in the year, extra commanders and groups will be formally introduced.

The Sailors Star League Cup of Gold is imagined as a challenge among nations that recognizes and crowns the best sailing country. Created with the direction of the world’s best mariners and beginners of the Sailors star League cup of gold, the cup of gold of SSL sparkles the focus on the legends of sailing and stirs the wearing interests of national pride.

The 144 countries partnered with World Sailing might be spoken to by one group, and all colleagues must be natives of that nation. To offer equivalent possibilities for every single top mariner to take an interest, paying little heed to their money-related assets, half of each group is chosen dependent on the SSL Global Ranking. The other portion of the group will be “Skipper’s Selections.”

Same as that in the world cup of football, early capability rounds select the groups that advance to the knockout rounds. All dashing is with armadas of four pontoons in each race and four armadas in every one of the early adjust, through the quarterfinals.

Two armadas of four groups in the semi-finals to choose the four groups that cruise the single Grand Final race. The champ of the Grand Final race is delegated the Top Sailing Nation.