HC Rejected To Detain BW Maple From Sailing Out Of Chennai

On Tuesday, The Madras High Court refused to intervene with a No Objection Certificate (NOC) permitting BW Maple.

The NOC was issued by the Director General of Shipping (DGS) on 14th of September 14 which allowed the BW Maple, this is one of the two vessels which is involved in the collision that lead oil spill to a large scale at the port of Kamarajar in Ennore on 28th of January, to sail out of the port.

The first Division Bench of Indira Banerjee (Chief Justice) and M. Sundar (Justice) also recorded the Ennore police submission that they do not need the vessel continued detention as the investigation into a registered criminal case with regards to the incident was in the final stage and the charge sheet for the same would be filed very soon.

The advocate S. Raghunathan, agreeing to a request made by BW Maple owners, to fix a frame of time for completing this criminal investigation, and also the internal inquiry being executed by the DGS, the judges gave the order that proceedings for both should be finished within the four weeks from the court ordered date of receipt. Continue reading “HC Rejected To Detain BW Maple From Sailing Out Of Chennai”

Camden Classics Cup From July 27-29

The 2nd edition of the Camden Classics Cup is all set to take place in New England on July 27 to 29.

This is one of the popular vintage and classic races where traditional boat owners can enjoy the best of the sailing in the New England waters. The 2016 annual Camden Classics Cup was a great hit and it is expected that the 2017 annual event will be an even bigger success. The race will be held in Maine and its event opens the classic yacht racing season in Maine.

A very good lineup of the fleet came to the waters of Penobscot Bay for the inaugural Camden Classics Cup and sailed into the Camden Harbor. The event will include 2 days of CRF, PHRF and the Spirit of Tradition boat racing. There will also be the customary post-race celebrations. Continue reading “Camden Classics Cup From July 27-29”

Sails Of Vendee Globe Fleet

It might be easy to ride the winds when the pressure is high, but areas of low pressure often put challenges for boats.

This was felt by the Vendee Globe fleet that was out there in the South Atlantic waters. The conditions represented low pressure on Saturday morning and it definitely puts up a test for the skippers there who had to regulate the speed as well as how to attack the race. The weather conditions included winds at 25 kts with water at flat levels. The race by Alex Thomson and his leading boat Hugo Boss was trying to maintain speed at 24 to 25 kts. This was along with the British skipper’s tries to stay ahead of the second boat. It definitely helped them in the early morning run.

Race Direction was being briefed by Vincent Rious of PRB who stated that the conditions of the waters proved ideal for the boats to sustain themselves at a record pace for 24 hours. Continue reading “Sails Of Vendee Globe Fleet”

Plymouth MP prefers to sleep on his yacht

A MP from Westcountry who got tongues waggling when he looked in an American shower gel advertisement has told of being forced to sleep on a yacht when in London because of all the ‘obscene’ property prices in England capital.

Johnny Mercer, a former Afghanistan soldier, had his boat brought up from Devon to River Thames so that he could sleep without paying in the capital while he would be on Parliament duty. The thirty-four year old told that it was very cheaper to sleep on his yacht near Canada Water instead of paying to rent a flat.

The Plymouth Moor View Conservative MP further added that he has been how to survive without any kind of central heating or a shower but insisted that he loves reminder of family life to a hotel room. This choice will led him to claim just £2400 per year in accommodation expenses, which is far less than the £23000 politicians with kids are entitled to.

Earlier this year, Mr Mercer joined the House of Commons after working as a captain with the 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery when he was in Afghanistan. He got the small Motor Cruiser after his military retirement and he calls it Pippa. It is named after his family’s dog which passed away in the year 2014.

In the weeks, following his unexpected election win, the rising star of Conservative party rented a room in a hotel. He also looked for taking a place permanently, but he was more than shocked coming the know the London prices.