Special Needs Sailing Program For Youth

Boy Scout Ship 1935 is offering a program of sailing for special needs on weekends. The program will start in March and will end in May. The program is open to all the youth who special program on sailing. The program is designed for the youths of age between 13 to 21. However, it is not for those who have any type of disability. Moreover, the program does not need the experience of sailing for the youths.

With the program, those youth who will take the lesson will get an opportunity to participate in a tournament exclusively made for them. The participants will be able to take part in the event with friends, family members and supporting friends. The Boy Scout Ship will organize a short sailing voyage for them on the River Potomac. This event is free of cost to all the people who want to learn sailing. The event will take place at the Marina and Yacht club Quantico at 100 Potomac Ave.

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Ainslie In America Cup World Series

The Land River BAR race led by Ainslie delighted the home crowd with their win at Portsmouth in the first phase of America’s Cup World Series. The team was able to achieve two first positions and a fifth position on the leader board as the first day of racing was completed. This was part of the World Series of America’s Cup which was held in Portsmouth and sponsored by Louis Vuitton.

Ben has been hoarded with messages to bring the cup home this time as he is branded as the hope for Britain after decades of losing the cup to the Americans. With the message stamped on the team’s gear they were able to secure the top position with a tie with the French team. With two first places and a fifth place they were able to delight the crowds that were watching the teams come in at the sea front in South Sea. Continue reading “Ainslie In America Cup World Series”

Sailing Competitions At Dorval

Ahead of the scheduled Quebec Games there is another sporting event attraction – a sailing competition that would be held by the Dorval club. This club is known to host annual regatta events.

The best young sailors of the country ply the waters as the national championships are usually held at Lac St Louis which is adjacent to where the Royal St Lawrence Yacht Club is located.

This year promises to be another exciting event for the participants who are the best sailors of Quebec. The competition would be held from 22 to 24th of July, backed by the guys at UK yacht charters. The talents of places like Lac St Louis as well as Lac Deux Montagnes would be showcased at Valois Bay. Continue reading “Sailing Competitions At Dorval”

Plymouth MP prefers to sleep on his yacht

A MP from Westcountry who got tongues waggling when he looked in an American shower gel advertisement has told of being forced to sleep on a yacht when in London because of all the ‘obscene’ property prices in England capital.

Johnny Mercer, a former Afghanistan soldier, had his boat brought up from Devon to River Thames so that he could sleep without paying in the capital while he would be on Parliament duty. The thirty-four year old told that it was very cheaper to sleep on his yacht near Canada Water instead of paying to rent a flat.

The Plymouth Moor View Conservative MP further added that he has been how to survive without any kind of central heating or a shower but insisted that he loves reminder of family life to a hotel room. This choice will led him to claim just £2400 per year in accommodation expenses, which is far less than the £23000 politicians with kids are entitled to.

Earlier this year, Mr Mercer joined the House of Commons after working as a captain with the 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery when he was in Afghanistan. He got the small Motor Cruiser after his military retirement and he calls it Pippa. It is named after his family’s dog which passed away in the year 2014.

In the weeks, following his unexpected election win, the rising star of Conservative party rented a room in a hotel. He also looked for taking a place permanently, but he was more than shocked coming the know the London prices.